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My name is Stephanie Joos

With Risibisi, I followed my dream of creating a space for children to come together and be creative. I’ve been a speech therapist and elementary school teacher in Freiburg/Germany, Berkeley, and Mountain View, California, for about 15 years.


Art and design always played a big role in my life, most significantly after my Fashion Design degree in 2015.


I started experimenting with creative classes for local children and families in my home studio, and Risibisi was born.


In 2022, I found our beautiful new studio space in Los Altos.

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At Risibisi, we believe that the creative process should be the focus of our classes rather than the finished product. Giving children the freedom to explore will help them to use their imagination and creativity. It will give them the opportunity to solve problems with a creative mindset, think outside the box, become inventors, and explorers of new connections and different materials.
We provide a thoughtful and age-appropriate, creative experience for children where they will learn developmentally appropriate skills, like eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, communication and collaboration, problem solving, social emotional skills, and creative thinking.

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